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Best Tools for Creating and Managing Social Media Content 2021

Promote the company on social networks.

How to effectively promote a company on social media?

Our initial task is to analyze the social activity of your company. We will take care of keeping your target audience informed. It is important to constantly work to increase interest in your company, which will lead to the main goal – your sales’ increase. In order to establish an effective workflow, it is worth analyzing the potential audience, choosing the type of advertising based on it, planning the process of its demonstration and developing a detailed strategy to achieve your goals. This process is called the analysis of advertising and its impact on the audience.

We use social media analytics to the maximum. By analyzing mentions of your product, we will help you find the strengths that users’ most often mention.

We will help you to find key benefits based on user reviews.

We will help you find out what you are missing to improve your brand awareness.

Our task is to create an individual content plan that suits your product and its target audience.

Our task is also to create and maintain social pages and communities, develop individual high-quality content designed not only to attract an audience, but also to establish feedback. Creation of polls, discussions, tips, bright stories – that can bring your target or indirect audience to dialogue.

We create contextual advertising with the ability to customize it to the target audience by geolocation, time zone, language.

We prepare search opportunities using the most relevant keywords for your product, maximizing the reach of your target audience.

We present thematic content using graphic and text-graphic elements.

Our software includes:

  • Social media promotion analytics
  • Site analysis
  • Analysis of advertising
  • Creating a content plan
  • Creating and maintaining pages
  • Building and running communities
  • Targeted content creation
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