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Keep Your Employees Happy at Work


In light of the highly-competitive recruitment environment, a key component to the success of a firm is retaining current employees. Not only is this vital for a low turnover rate, but it also means that your company is progressing for the future on a firm foundation. Giving employees higher pay rates does not necessarily make them more productive, or motivate them to stay. Studies show that workers who are satisfied with their jobs tend to be more productive, loyal and engaging; and in the long run drive in more profits. Also, happy employees perform better, miss less work and are more willing to adjust to changes. On the other hand, the company suffers when employees feel undervalued or unmotivated. No matter what you invent, build or sell; your organization needs people to move forward. Managers, CEO’s and company founders all over the world know that the difference between winning and losing is keeping employees moving forward and motivated. You have to make your staff feel like they are part of the company, not just a means to an end. Even though it could be difficult to keep employees happy because happiness is mainly an inside job; family, friends and employers can increase or decrease the level of a person’s happiness. So, if the office seems too stressful, it can significantly influence a person’s mood. To make your workplace happy and productive, consider following these guidelines:

  1. Make the atmosphere more productive
    The physical look of the office is vital to maximizing productivity among employees. People want sufficient space to work, the right materials, and a pleasant and comfortable environment. Make sure that the office layout is ergonomically designed so that workers can be motivated positively. Eco-therapy is a good element to create a productive environment, and it includes factors such as:

    • Have live green plants in the environment, as this will help people feel good about themselves and the work they do whenever they feel connected to the nature around them. In fact, employees who sit near plants or close to windows show more productivity. Pictures or paintings of outdoor scenes can also have some benefits if live plants are not an option.
    • Ensure the air employees breathe is healthy. It is highly recommended to use air purifiers as indoor air pollution is dangerous in buildings. Regularly change the air filters, and allow workers to open their windows if appropriate.
    • Give employees the liberty to personalize their work space. They need to feel like it belongs to them.
  2. Give them more vacation time
    When employees get hired, compensation packages are big deals. Give employees who perform exceptionally well benefits such as more vacation time. These highest performing employees are your superstars, treat them as such. Be confident that they will get more work done and at the same time enjoy some time off with their family and loved ones.
  3. Set clear expectations
    A nice employer tells employees things that need to be done, when it should be done, and what happens after they finish up their duties. These expectations set boundaries, show healthy leadership and provides direction. Make sure that the expectations you set are consistent with every employee; including things like coming in early or break times.
  4. Make employees feel valued
    Regularly encourage your workers and praise them when appropriate. Appreciate them when they properly do a job and let them know how valuable they are to you. Whenever someone makes a mistake, don’t be too hard on that person, rather, show him/her the right procedures and offer further training when required. Remember that being harsh can make your employees bitter and may sabotage the work they do.
  5. Trust your workers
    Assign jobs without having to micromanage employees. Once you show that you trust them, it will increase their confidence, and in turn be beneficial to your company. Begin by delegating more projects to them, then asking them for their ideas and inputs on new ideas for the organization.
    Whenever an employee quits, it is rarely due to financial reasons, it is either because they dislike their boss, do not feel engaged enough or they feel underappreciated. It is important to have a positive culture and work environment, as these can increase communication and teamwork, which can increase engagement and opportunities for learning between employees. When workers feel like they are essential to the team, they become more productive and will be willing to go that extra mile for the organization. Therefore, show respect and listen to them, so they can feel appreciated, and in the long run make your workplace more happy and productive.

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