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We believe that the work of an advertising agency is warm and immediately human. It’s about human needs, desires, dreams and hopes. The “product” can not be produced on the assembly line.

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Our Services

What Makes a Vision?

We offer you a digital marketing strategy developed individually for you.

All Training Services at a Glance

Online Marketing Strategy

We offer you a digital marketing strategy developed individually for you.

PR and News Distribution

Press release distribution, targeting, monitoring and analytics.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Use of social media to promote their company and its products.

Analytics and Reporting

Social media marketing services

Branding and Reputation

Building brands and nurturing reputations.

Influence Marketing

Harnessing influence to drive market success

This is how we work


Efficient project planning

We can help you with the basics of project management, you will be able to create reliable processes


More revenue

By analyzing your processes, we will give you an understanding of how you can optimize and improve the quality of your work.


Faster deployment

Having studied the capabilities of your company, we will determine all the necessary additional processes that you will need to use.


Company rating check

We will study and evaluate the status of the company and suggest how to improve the company’s rating.


Better resources

Having studied your resources and potentials of the company, we will help to open new opportunities for improving efficiency.

Reviews from clients

“We are able to function much more effectively, especially from remote locations with the new system from IT GAGUA Consulting. Because our company now has a proper network, we are able to produce more vs. focusing on constantly fixing our network. Our network security has also been highly enhanced from a past dangerous level to a much secure one. We trust IT GAGUA with highly sensitive data and that is invaluable! The service has been excellent, as well. Whenever we need IT Support, we get an immediate service even on weekends and after hours. The company has been tried by fire in the past one year and is still looking good! We will certainly recommended it to all business owners.”

Michael Sopkiw Director of Sales, Miron Glass USA

The quality of our business effectiveness has changed 500% by using the tools and solutions by IT GAGUA. We have been working with the company for more than 10 years now, both for our IT needs and online branding and marketing. We have moved offices twice, and thanks to IT GAGUA, we had our entire computer system ready to use very fast. We also trusted the development of our website to Gagua Group’s web-development team and have been very pleased. Why do we chose to work with IT GAGUA? Because IT GAGUA provides a very knowledgeable hands-on IT support and I recommend IT GAGUA Consulting to everyone!

Andi Geogesco JEM Logistics

“We go to IT GAGUA for anything that has to do with computers. Our team of 7 people has flawless computer network setup. IT GAGUA also recently updated our phone communication and efax system and website. That alone has dramatically improved our communication within and outside the company. IT GAGUA has been our one-stop-shop for years because of their expertise, credibility and reliability. It is such a relief to know that we will get a quick, reliable and smart solution from them whenever we have a problem. And, all it takes is one phone call.”

Eduard Goodgertz Doctor of Dental Surgery & Owner of Hollywood Braces.
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